Free Mini Course - STRONGER by Amanda Crofts

Free Mini Course - STRONGER

Feel lifted, energised and motivated for life!

Set healthy habits, increase your activity levels and change your snack habits.

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STRONGER Mini Course

Included in this 4-week mini course :
  • Steps, Workouts & Water Goals
  • Goal Checklist
  • Tasty Snack Recipes
  • Fun Workouts to Follow
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Downloads - recipes and checklist
4-Week Checklists
95.9 KB
Nutty Date Balls
76.3 KB
Peanut Butter Jelly Smoothie
363 KB
Vanilla & Coconut Truffles
407 KB
Frozen Banana Dessert
601 KB
Banana & Coconut Flapjacks
515 KB
Squidgy Chocolate Fix - Homemade Cake
19.7 MB
Week 1 and 2 Workouts & Goals
Week 1 and 2 Goals
6 mins
Bodyweight Burnout
19 mins
Zumba Fitness
11 mins
Upper Body Sculpt
8 mins
Full Body Strength
14 mins
4 mins
Week 3 and 4 Workouts & Goals
Week 3 and 4 Goals
4 mins
Full Body Strength
18 mins
Zumba Fitness
15 mins
Full Body Workout
26 mins
Glutes & Core
11 mins
6 mins