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Fat-Loss For Life...

Diets, shakes, juice cleansers, pills and focussing just on cardio are just a few of the things that you may have been told will get you to your goals, but I promise you they are not!

You might get the quick weight loss on the scales but as soon as you try to eat regularly again, it will go straight back on plus some extra too! Because it's not sustainable and you can't live your life that that.

Life is for enjoying, and tasty food should be a part of that, if it's something you enjoy!

If you want to change your shape, feel amazing, look leaner and feel stronger whilst enjoying life, then this membership is for you!

This is something I've done for myself, I've helped lots of other women do it, and I can help you too!

I Will Show You How...

I worked with Wanita for 5 months. We did low-impact workouts using weights.

WOW! What a transformation!

Wanita went from a size 16 to a size 10.

What I absolutely love about her transformation was seeing her confidence, smile and strength.

I've created this membership so I can work with even more women like Wanita!

EVERYTHING you need AND access to your own personal trainer in our Exclusive Members Group!
I'm ready to go

Carmen Villegas-Galvez

"I have just finished a 12-week-course with Manda. Apart from the fact that she is fantastic and a delight to be with, the fact is that she has changed my life!

Her training programme has helped me feel stronger, I have lost a 5% of my body fat, which equates to 4.6Kg of pure fat gone!

Her routines are great and she has supported me all the way through, even when she left me homework to do.

But the biggest change for me has been the changes in my eating habits, her nutritional advise is nicely complemented with healthy recipes ,easy to follow, she has also helped me organising my meals, as a busy mum of 3 (2 boys and a dog) and a full time worker, my life had turned into a mess in terms of meals.

I can't recommend Manda enough!"

Wanita Hutchinson

"Amanda is an amazing personal trainer and an inspirational lady. She has taken me from a size 16 to a size 10 in 5 months without a punishing and restrictive plan. 

She tailored and designed every exercise to fit my needs, goals and lifestyle. I thought that I’d be too self conscious to work one to one but Amanda really put me at ease and was so supportive that my confidence is now through the roof. 

10/10 rating from me and I’m not easily impressed."

Jayne Gedney

"I'd never exercised or eaten particularly healthily, apart from odd times at slimming clubs but never stuck at it. I decided I was going to make changes and, once I was given the all clear from the hospital, started working with Manda. To say she's changed my life is an understatement. 

She has helped me go from a size 20 to 14/16, lose 5 1/2 inches from my waist, 5 inches from hips, 2 inches from my thighs and 2.1 stone off the scales (although this doesn't show the fat that's changed to muscle). 

As a self-confessed chocaholic and junk food eater, the food I'm cooking and eating and enjoying is a million miles away from what I used to eat. 

Manda is amazing, full of knowledge and advice but she also takes the time to research individual health issues and incorporates relevant exercises to help improve them wherever possible. 

I'm so pleased I was introduced to Manda, she truly has made me a new woman."

My Fitness Journey

I didn't start exercising regularly until I was 28.
I went from a bit of a crazy lifestyle to being in a new relationship, and the food and wine in France led to me being unhappy with my shape.

I started my fitness journey with walking/running, then when I was back in England I started attending cardio classes (Zumba mainly), I loved how much fun the class! I decided to train to teach classes myself. I loved how fitness made me feel and I really wanted to share this with other women.

I really got the results I wanted when I started using weights and I loved how they made me feel. I decided to become a personal trainer to help other women on their fitness journey and try and make it as enjoyable as possible whilst teaching long-term habits for a healthy lifestyle.

I want to help even more women feel lifted and energised with fun and simple workouts.

The LEANER:STRONGER Programme is everything I love about fitness and includes everything I do myself and with clients.

Mood Lifting Workouts: Zumba, Cardio & PiYo
Sculpting Strength Training: Dumbbell Workouts
Interval Training: Fat-Burning Workouts

Calorie Counting & Tracking:
Fat-Loss For Life - No Cutting Out The Foods You LOVE


Yes, Sign Me Up!

Here's What's Included:



Monthly Challenges

Supportive Community of Women

Weekly Q&A and coaching with Manda


12-Week Progressive Programme - Leaner:Stronger

Workout anytime, in the comfort of your own home!

Live Zoom & Facebook Classes



No More Cutting Out The Foods You Love!

Calorie Tracking Coaching

Fat-Loss For Life


I am here to support you on your journey in our exclusive members group.


Timeslots for a call with Manda once you're signed up to make sure you get started in the right place, set goals and know where everything is.



Why Strength Training is SO Important!

Did you know from the age of 30 we lose 3-5% of muscle mass each decade which means you burn fewer calores, have weaker bones and increase injury risk!

Strength training will help you to:
stay strong, lose body-fat, burn more calories, improve your posture, reduce injuries and back pain, reduce stress and anxiety and make life activities easier (you will love how easy lifting and carrying things are as you get stronger).

This membership is for any woman that wants to train with weights with some fun and motivating coaching on how to do it safely.