Manda's Membership by Amanda Crofts

Manda's Membership

Workout Programmes Included in Manda's Membership:


  • 12-Week Postnatal Workout Programme
  • Postnatal Healing Guidance
  • Habit Setting & Fat-Loss Food Plans
  • Recipes
For new mums who want to feel strong and confident and get back to the workouts you love.


  • 12-Week Workout Programme
  • Fat-Loss For Life Coaching
  • Recipes
  • Weekly Live Workouts
For women who want to lose body-fat, feel strong and look leaner. Learn fat-loss for life and forget the fads and restrictive diets!

6am CLUB

  • 4 x Live Workouts a Week
  • Facebook Group Live Classes
  • Strength Building
  • Challenging Workouts

For women and men who want to push their fitness levels.

Support, Guidance & Accountability

As well as specialised programmes for busy women and mums, I am there to support you through your journey and to keep you accountable to your goals.

Take a look below at everything that's included in the membership.
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A few important bits to tell you today...

I've made a few changes to the Thursday Live Schedule. Here are the new times…
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August recipes are live! 

I've started logging by the month so you can easily find the new ones. 
Scroll down for LOADS of recipes here…
Loved today's Mumma Class, well done everyone :D here's the replay... STRONG MUMMA 11.08.2020

Just loaded on last night Zumba replay into the Leaner:Stronger Library…

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

What are your workout plans for this week? Do you need help with anything?

Manda xxxx

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The core challenge starts today! Are you in? There is a Postnatal version and an Advanced Core version for those of you who are…